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A new history of Greek mathematics, taking into account the latest research.
Download the three winning essays to learn about medieval Islamic dust boards, Old Babylonian similarity, and the Fermat Problem.
A merchant bought 50,000 pounds of pepper in Portugal for 10,000 scudi and paid a tax of 500 scudi.
A number of 3 digits in base 7 has the same three digits...
How does geometry begin? This work explores the origins of geometry in the work of artisans.
Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.
Given: a circle with an inscribed equilateral triangle. The triangle has an area of 12 square units. What is the area of the circle?
In a rectangle, having given the diagonal and perimeter, find the sides
Two MAA PREP Workshops in the History of Mathematics will be offered in June at the MAA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

How a translation of Peano's counterexample to the 'theorem' that a zero Wronskian implies linear dependence can help your differential equations students