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A bibliographical reference to mathematics books printed in the new world before 1700.

Short sketches on how mathematicians work and think.
The dimensions of a rectangular box in inches are expressed by three consecutive numbers. The surface of the box is 292 square inches. Find the dimensions.
A translation from the original Greek of a manuscript on magic squares by the Byzantine scholar Manuel Moschopoulos, written about 1315
Essays on various aspects of mathematical thought by prominent mathematicians of the past century.
A cat sitting on a wall 4 cubits high saw a rat prowling 8 cubits from the foot of the wall;

The authors provide an analysis and English translation of the argument by a little known French mathematician that calculus should be based on series rather than on infinitesimals.

A creative expression combining text, design and illustrations, originally designed for the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid.
Two wine merchants enter Paris, one of them with 64 casks of wine, the other with 20.
Find a number having remainder 29 when divided by 30 and remainder 3 when divided by 4.