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Portraits of 92 living mathematicians, with autobiographical comments.
Suppose the area of an equilateral triangle be 600. The sides are required.
If in a circle ABDC, circumscribe an equilateral triangle ABC; the straight line AD is equal to the sum of the two straight lines BD and DC: required a demonstration.
A biography of the geometer Donald Coxeter.
When knowing the sum of their ages along with another equation, determine how old a father and son are.
I owe a man the following notes: one of $800 due May 16; one of $660 due on July 1; one of $940 due Sept. 29. He wishes to exchange them for two notes of $1200 each and wants one to fall due June 1. When should the other be due?
Given four integers where if added together three at a time their sums are: 20, 22, 24, and 27. What are the integers?

The author constructs a possible mathematical path from the ancient Babylonians to Pythagoras, Euclid, and the ancient Greeks.

The Ohio Section Short Course will consider the use of original sources in teaching mathematics.
A square circumscribed about a given circle is double in area to a square inscribed in the same circle. True of false? Prove your answer.