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A brief version of the author's well-known history of mathematics text.
Now there is a wall 5 feet thick and two rats tunnel from opposite sides.

A history of the concept of zero from as far back as the Babylonian period, with philosophical excursions into the meaning of "nothing".

Two officers each have a company of men, the one has 40 less than the other.
Images from a 16th century text about the astrolabe and its uses
NCTM Meeting in Philadelphia
An old Chinese general led his army to a river with a steep bank. Standing atop the bank, he held a stick 6 feet long perpendicular to himself.
A new sourcebook containing the works in their original form along with a translation and a brief commentary.

A discussion of why we use "e" to represent the base of the natural logarithm system.

Suppose the area of an equilateral triangle be 600. The sides are required.