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The number 50 is divided by a certain number. If the divisor is increased by 3, the quotient decreases by 3.75. What is the number?
The symposium this year will discuss Gauss's Disquisitiones Arithmeticae.
Image of first arithmetic book published in the English colonies in what is now the Eastern United States
A certain man had in his trade four weights with which he could weigh integral pounds from one up to 40. How many pounds was each weight?
A collection of illustrations of Inca quipus, with references to their earliest descriptions.
A survey of concepts of infinite sets over the centuries.
Now there are 100 deers [being distributed] in a city. If one household has one deer there is a remainder...Find the number of households in the city.
There is a four-sided field whose eastern side measures 35 paces, its western side 45 paces, its southern side 25 paces and its northern side 15 paces. Find the area of this field.
Thirty flasks-10 full, 10 half-empty, and 10 completely empty- are to be divided among 3 sons so that flasks and contents should be shared equally. How may this be done?
A general mathematics website with much information on the history of mathematics.