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A translation of part of a thirteenth century work by the Byzantine monk Maximus Planudes on the Hindu-Arabic numerals and the algorithms for calculation.

Nine examples of using history in the mathematics classroom -- for those who read French!

A collection of original texts to help students learn some important areas of mathematics.
A brief version of the author's well-known history of mathematics text.
A man went to a draper and bought a length of cloth 35 braccia long to make a suit of clothes.
A survey of this theorem's 4000 year history, with applications to many fields.
A man has four creditors. To the first he owes 624 ducats; to the second, 546; to the third, 492; and to the fourth 368.
The work of ten scientists who thought deeply about patterns.
A brief history of mathematics aimed at college students with little technical knowledge of mathematics.
A rifle ball is fired through a three-inch plank, the resistance of which causes an unknown constant retardation of its velocity.