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Now there is a wall 5 feet thick and two rats tunnel from opposite sides.
Images from a 16th century text about the astrolabe and its uses
How much does Landowner A give to each worker knowing Landowner B gives a certain amount more and has few workers.
The dimensions of a rectangular box in inches are expressed by three consecutive numbers. The surface of the box is 292 square inches. Find the dimensions.
Gun metal of a certain grade is composed of 16% tin and 84% copper. How much tin must be added to 410 lbs. of this gun metal to make a composition of 18% tin?

A discussion of why we use "e" to represent the base of the natural logarithm system.

I owe a man the following notes: one of $800 due May 16; one of $660 due on July 1; one of $940 due Sept. 29. He wishes to exchange them for two notes of $1200 each and wants one to fall due June 1. When should the other be due?
Reprint of a classic biography of Gauss, with a new forward by Jeremy Gray.
Suppose the area of an equilateral triangle be 600. The sides are required.
A biography of the geometer Donald Coxeter.