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This book demonstrates the relationship between the mathematics in some recently discovered Babylonian tablets and some standard problems from Egyptian mathematics.

A sourcebook of original materials in the history of mathematics from ancient times to the early twentieth century.
Determine a number having remainders 2, 3, 2 when divided by 3, 5, 7 respectively.

A math history class visits the 'Beautiful Science' exhibit at the Huntington Library in Southern California.

Whimsical posters of fifteen mathematicians with brief biographies.
Find the greatest value of y in the equation a4 x2= (x2 + y2)3.
Two officers each have a company of men, the one has 40 less than the other.
Determine by using algebra the number of degrees in the angle A where: cos A = tan A
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An old Chinese general led his army to a river with a steep bank. Standing atop the bank, he held a stick 6 feet long perpendicular to himself.