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In his analysis of volumes of wine barrels, Kepler used ideas that would become important in differential and integral calculus. Use this article's animated visual imagery to help share Kepler's ideas with your students.
Jacqueline Stedall has uncovered the numerous algebraic ideas of Thomas Harriot from the early 17th century and has organized them into a readable treatise.
There are four winners of the HOMSIGMAA Student Paper Contest for 2008. The papers may be accessed here.
A collection of articles from the American Mathematical Monthly by experts on the evolution of various fields of mathematics.
Determine by using algebra the number of degrees in the angle A where: cos A = tan A
This unique and beautiful book features the biographies of twenty-two notable female mathematicians and scientists, showing how their determination, creativity, and intellectual passion helped them excel in their fields.

A survey of the famous Konigsberg Bridge Problem and its connection to graph theory, by an undergraduate student

A new edition of a brief history text, arranged topically rather than chronologically.
How Servois' failed attempt to construct a foundation for the calculus nonetheless helped shape modern mathematics
This will be the fifth meeting of this kind, which brings together mathematics educators and researchers to share their teaching ideas and classroom experience in teaching mathematics based on historical, epistemological and cultural approaches.