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A circle is inscribed in an isosceles trapezoid. Find the relationship of the radius to the sides.
This book explores the history of mathematics from the perspective of the creative tension between common sense and the "impossible" as the author follows the discovery or invention of new concepts that have marked mathematical progress.

An introduction to the work of Venn as well as the work of the author in extending some of Venn's results.
An erect pole of 10 cubits has its base moved 6 cubits. Determine the new height and the distance the top of the pole is lowered.

A bibliographical reference to mathematics books printed in the new world before 1700.

In a square box that contains 1000 marbles, how many will it take to reach across the bottom of the box in a straight row?
A fellow said that when he counted his nuts by twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes, there was still one left over; but when he counted them by sevens they came out even. How many did he have?

The history and mathematics of curve sketching, tangent lines, and optimization, are explored using interactive applets.

Given a semicircle, Prove that if O is the circle's center, DO=OE.
A description of this well-regarded website.