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The author takes us on a historical tour of mathematics through postage stamps of the world that display mathematicians and mathematics.
These are the winning entries from the annual History of Mathematics SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.
One hundred men besieged in a castle, have sufficient food to allow each one bread to the weight of 14 lot a day for ten months.
Jacqueline Stedall has uncovered the numerous algebraic ideas of Thomas Harriot from the early 17th century and has organized them into a readable treatise.
A collection of articles from the American Mathematical Monthly by experts on the evolution of various fields of mathematics.

Curve sketching, tangent lines, and optimization, explored via interactive applets

This unique and beautiful book features the biographies of twenty-two notable female mathematicians and scientists, showing how their determination, creativity, and intellectual passion helped them excel in their fields.
A description of this well-regarded website.
A method for extracting square roots used in Italy through the 18th century was introduced in a manuscript by the 12th century mathematician al-Hassar.
A new edition of a brief history text, arranged topically rather than chronologically.