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A wonderful book about the square root of 2, beginning with the search for the side of a square double a given square.

Review of Bertram's text on the history of Greek science.

A collection of articles about historical and contemporary women in mathematics.
Two pages from a 1650 manuscript of the Lilavati of Bhaskara II (1114-1185). The second photo is an illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem.
Illustration of a counting board in Strasbourg
Using the history of mathematics in a college algebra class has had significant positive effects on student learning.
I am a brazen lion; my spouts are my 2 eyes, my mouth, and the flat of my foot. My right eye fills a jar in 2 days, my left eye in 3, and my foot in 4.
Two MAA PREP Workshops in the History of Mathematics will be offered in June at the MAA Headquarters in Washington, DC.
Find the area of the elliptical segment cut off parallel to the shorter axis;
Page 8, Images from the Paul Halmos Photograph Collection: Armand Borel, Karol Borsuk, Raoul Bott, William Browder, H. Arlen Brown, and R. Creighton Buck