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The work of the great Renaissance artist/scientist Leonardo da Vinci can be taught in secondary schools through an integrated approach of several disciplines. This article explores the approach of the Ross School.
A new edition of a classic work on number theory.

An elementary introduction to Euler squares and how they can be used in teacher training

You have two sums of money, the difference of which is 2 dirhams; you divide the smaller sum by the larger and the quotient is equal to 1/2. What are the two sums of money?
Information on previous ESUs
A survey of over two thousand years of the history of mathematics on the Indian subcontinent.
A man bought a number of sheep for $225; 10 of them having died, he sold 4/5 of the remainder for the same cost and received $150 for them. How many did he buy?
Given two circle tangent at the point P with parallel diameters AB, CD, prove that APD and BPC are straight lines.
A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods.