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An introduction to the prime numbers in many of their aspects.

An excellent and careful study of matrix methods for solving systems of linear equations in first century China.

In a right triangle, let the perpendicular be 5 and the sum of the base and hypotenuse 25. Find the lengths of the base and hypotenuse
Photo of Plimpton 322, an old Babylonian Tablet, from the Plimpton Collection at the Columbia University Library. Part of the Mathematical Treasures section of Loci: Convergence.
In a right triangle, the hypotenuse is 9.434 and the sum of the sides around the right angle is 13. Find the lengths of the sides around the right angle.
Title page from the Ars Magna, by Gerolamo Cardano, published in 1545. Engraved portrait of the author. First printed text of algebraic solution of cubic equations.
The paperback reprint of this large collection of articles by experts on all aspects of the history and philosophy of mathematics.
A collection of sixteen posters of contributors to calculus, with brief biographical sketches.
A study of Mullikan's Nautilus, using movies to illustrate the important ideas
Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.