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A brief introduction to the life of John Napier, along with an animation of calculations using Napier's bones.
A description of this well-regarded website.
A comprehensive history of trigonometry from ancient times to the Renaissance.
A delightful survey of the history of trigonometry, along with discussions of its uses, both ancient and modern.
If you are h feet tall and walk all the way around the Earth, keeping to the same circumference, how much farther has your head gone than your feet when you complete the journey?
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A collection of articles on mathematics in Europe from the twelfth to the fifteenth century.
How does geometry begin? This work explores the origins of geometry in the work of artisans.
In many sources, we see that Tartaglia has the surname Fontana. According to the author of this article, the co-discoverer of the cubic formula did not ever use that name.

In this collection of essays on modern trends and issues in the history of mathematics, consideration of mathematics history in the classroom is often more theoretical than practical.