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Three men have a pile of money, their shares being 1/2, 1/3 and 1/6. Each man takes some money from the pile until nothing is left.
What is the sum of the reciprocals of the triangular numbers?
There is a fish whose body weighs 8oz. Tell me how much the whole fish weighs?
My age is a number consisting of two digits, 1/2 of this number is a mean proportional between these two digits, and two years hence, my age will be a third proportional to the same two digits, directly as they stand in my present age.
Given a triangular piece of land having two sides 10 yards in length and its base 12 yards, what is the largest square that can be constructed within this piece of land so that one of its sides lies along the base of the triangle?

Nine examples of using history in the mathematics classroom -- for those who read French!

A study of Mullikan's Nautilus, using movies to illustrate the important ideas
A collection of original texts to help students learn some important areas of mathematics.
Three hundred pigs are to be prepared for a feast.
A leech invited a slug for a lunch a leuca away.