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A delightful survey of the history of trigonometry, along with discussions of its uses, both ancient and modern.
A tree is 20 feet tall and has a circumference of 3 feet. There is a vine that winds seven equally spaced times around the tree and reaches the top. What is the length of the vine?

A collection of images of historical texts and tools to share with your students

Fourth Annual Smoky Mountain Undergraduate Conference on the History of Mathematics
Three people buy wood together. One pays the merchant 5 coins, another 3 coins, and the last 2 coins.
How does geometry begin? This work explores the origins of geometry in the work of artisans.
A number of 3 digits in base 7 has the same three digits...
As this biography reveals, Servois fought in battles for Paris and for the foundations of calculus.
In a rectangle, having given the diagonal and perimeter, find the sides
Given: a circle with an inscribed equilateral triangle. The triangle has an area of 12 square units. What is the area of the circle?