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Collection of historical articles that appeared in Consortium, the newsletter of COMAP.
Having been given the lengths, a and b, of two straight lines drawn from the acute angles of a right triangle to the middle of the opposite sides, determine the length of those sides.
If two Post-boys, A and B at 59 miles distance from one another, set out in the morning in order to meet...
This is an invited working conference as part of the ICMI Study Series.
This article contains examples of the use of the rule of false position in the solution of geometric problems as found in the work of Simon Stevin. We discuss the benefits for future teachers and their students.

We invite you to send us information about these photographs of 20th century mathematicians.

The Fibonacci numbers and applications to areas such as plant growth and stock market predictions.
On Triangles, by Regiomontanus (Johannes M�ller) (1436-1476), written in 1464 but not published until 1533.
An introduction to the work of Venn as well as the work of the author in extending some of Venn's results.
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