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The beginnings of land measurement in the early United States and how this affected American democracy.
Determine the dimensions of the least isosceles triangle ACD that can circumscribe a given circle.
Determine a number having remainders 2, 3, 2 when divided by 3, 5, 7 respectively.
Gun metal of a certain grade is composed of 16% tin and 84% copper. How much tin must be added to 410 lbs. of this gun metal to make a composition of 18% tin?
This a wonderfully written tour of aspects of classical geometry-- a must read for all geometry teachers.
Reprint of a classic biography of Gauss, with a new forward by Jeremy Gray.
Brief biographies of mathematicians with mathematical activities based on their work.
The author compares Greek ladder, continued fraction, and Newton's Method approximations, noting that the Greek ladder easily gives both of Archimedes' famous bounds.
Determine by using algebra the number of degrees in the angle A where: cos A = tan A
This is a description of the crosswalk from Convergence to Loci Convergence.