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Essays on various aspects of mathematical thought by prominent mathematicians of the past century.
A collection of biographies of sixty mathematicians from the eighteenth century to the twentieth.
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Considering non-unique representation of Maya calendar numbers may help your students understand their own number system better.
The annual meeting of the NCTM contains numerous sessions dealing with the history of mathematics.
The annual meeting of the HPM Americas Section will take place Friday, April 28 at 5:30 pm. in the Landmark 5
room of the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis.
This is the title page of the Nova Scientia (1537) of Niccolo Tartaglia (1499-1557). In this work, Tartaglia discussed the mathematics of artillery and developed methods for determining the range of a cannon.
The first detailed biography of James Joseph Sylvester.
This is a translation of an article of Leonhard Euler in which he attempts to prove the fundamental theorem of algebra. In addition, he discusses in detail his understanding of the nature of complex numbers.
Information on the NCTM Fall, 2004 Eastern Regional meeting.