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A translation of one of the earliest European mathematical texts to use the Hindu-Arabic number system.
This is a regular monthly colloquium meeting at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY
A brief history of mathematics aimed at college students with little technical knowledge of mathematics.
A collection of articles in the history of mathematics that appeared in journals of the Mathematical Association of America over the past 90 years.

Having been given the lengths, a and b, of two straight lines drawn from the acute angles of a right triangle to the middle of the opposite sides, determine the lengths of those sides.

Explain the geometric basis of "completing the square," the original method of solving quadratic equations, to your students.
This is the title page of the 1640 printing of Galileo's Operation of the Geometrical and Military Compass, originally published privately in 1606. Galileo had invented a version of this geometrical compass a few years earlier and evidently gave copies of this manual to those who bought the compass. The compass had many uses, from performing square root calculations to determining ranges of cannons to solving surveying problems.
A vessel is anchored in 3 fathoms of water and the cable passes over a sheave in the bowspirt which is 6 ft above the water.

A man, woman, and two boys desire to cross a river, but their boat has weight restrictions!