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A discussion not only of the mathematics of pi, but of its applications through the centuries.
One says that 10 garments were purchased by two men at a price of 72 dirhams. The garments varied in value. The price of each garment of one man is 3 dirhams more than the price for each garment of the other. How many garments did each man buy?
A popular history of ancient mathematics, dealing with the mathematics of ancient Egypt and Babylonia.
A comprehensive history of trigonometry from ancient times to the Renaissance.
A report on an Australian teacher's use of material from the Rhind Papyrus.
This article contains examples of the use of the rule of false position in the solution of geometric problems as found in the work of Simon Stevin. We discuss the benefits for future teachers and their students.
There is a tree with 100 branches. How many nests, eggs and birds are there?
Archimedes' use of the law of the lever to compute areas and volumes in The Method is discussed. Classroom ready examples are presented.
Imagine an urn with two balls, each of which may be either white or black. One of these balls is drawn and is put back before a new one is drawn.
A man bought a number of sheep for $225; 10 of them having died, he sold 4/5 of the remainder for the same cost and received $150 for them. How many did he buy?