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A survey of the use of technology in American mathematics teaching over the past 200 years.
In baking a hemispherical loaf of bread of 10" radius, the crust was everywhere of an equal thickness, and the solidity of the crust was equal to half the solid content of the whole loaf. What were the dimensions of the interior soft part?
A brief version of the author's well-known history of mathematics text.
The Ohio Section Short Course will consider the use of original sources in teaching mathematics.

A history of the concept of zero from as far back as the Babylonian period, with philosophical excursions into the meaning of "nothing".

A wooden beam is stood vertically against a wall. The length of the beam is 30 units.
NCTM Meeting in Philadelphia
Paul Halmos Photograph Collection, page 2: Arveson, Aschbacher, Askey, Lininger, Atiyah, Doob
Given a door and a measuring rod of unknown dimensions, the rod is used to measure the door.
A four-sided town measures 1100 feet on one side and 1000 feet on the other side, on one edge 600 and the other edge 600.