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Make a crown of gold copper, tin, and iron weighing 60 minae: gold and copper shall be 2/3 of it; gold and tin, 3/4 of it; and gold and iron, 3/5 of it. Find the required weights of gold, copper, tin, and iron.
This is a page from an early printed edition of the Arithmetica of Jordanus de Nemore (early 13th century).
The work of ten scientists who thought deeply about patterns.
A portrait gallery of mathematicians, mostly taken from the collection at the Dibner Library of the Smithsonian, with permission.
The third part of a necklace of pearls, broken in a lover's quarrel, fell to the ground...
A speculator bought stock at 25% below par and sold it at 20% above par. He gained $1560. How much did he invest?
In a given square, inscribe 4 equal circles so that...
Find the isoceles triangle of smallest area that circumscribes a circle of radius 1.

A detailed study of the cycles of the Mayan calendar, along with some other ancient calendars.