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The third part of a necklace of pearls, broken in a lover's quarrel, fell to the ground...
A speculator bought stock at 25% below par and sold it at 20% above par. He gained $1560. How much did he invest?
Information on the NCTM Fall, 2004 Eastern Regional meeting.
A listing of the history sessions at the 2008 Joint Mathematics meetings in San Diego, January 4-9, 2008.
Given a pyramid 300 cubits high, with a square base 500 cubits to a side, determine the distance from the center of any side to the apex.

A bibliographical reference to mathematics books printed in the new world before 1700.

Boyer's classic text, as revised by Uta Merzbach, is still worth having.
A square walled city of unknown dimensions has four gates, one at the center of each side.
If 80 dollars worth of provisions will serve 20 men for 25 days, what number of men will the same amount of provisions serve for 10 days?
Essays on various aspects of Greek science and mathematics, which help give a context for those aspects of Greek culture.