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In a rectangle, having given the diagonal and perimeter, find the sides
Given the fraction ax/ (a-x ), convert it into an infinite series.
A collection of sixteen posters of contributors to calculus, with brief biographical sketches.
Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
Three circles of varying radius are mutually tangent. The area of the triangle connecting their centers is given. Find the radius of the third circle.
One says that 10 is divided into three parts and if the small part is multiplied by itself and added to the middle one multiplied by itself the result is the large one multiplied by itself...
There is a round town 8000 feet in circumference.
A study and English translation of Servois' attempt to place calculus on a foundation of algebraic analysis without recourse to infinitesimals, continuing the work of Lagrange.
If in a circle ABDC, circumscribe an equilateral triangle ABC; the straight line AD is equal to the sum of the two straight lines BD and DC: required a demonstration.
A survey of early theories of planetary motion, with dynamic figures to help in understanding these motions.