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If an equilateral triangle whose area is equal to 10,000 square feet be surrounded by a walk of uniform width, and equal to the area of the inscribed circle, what is the width of the walk?
Two men brought their fish through customs. Find how much the fish cost, and what is the customs fee.
This conference takes place in 2006 at Pennsylvania State University, Erie.
A history of attempts to develop formulas expressing the sums of powers of the first n positive integers from the Pythagoreans to Jakob Bernoulli. With exercises.
A collection of 24 mini-posters, each containing a quotation about mathematics.
Three congruent circles of radius 6 inches are mutually tangent to one another. Compute the area enclosed between them.
Suppose a lighthouse is built on the top of a rock; the distance between a place of observation and that part of the rock level with the eye is 620 yds.
A study of the rise of English algebra from the Medieval period to the end of the seventeenth century.

A comparison of the Greek and Chinese approach to the idea of similarity.

This is a regular monthly colloquium meeting at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY