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A detailed study of the cycles of the Mayan calendar, along with some other ancient calendars.

A vessel is anchored in 3 fathoms of water and the cable passes over a sheave in the bowspirt which is 6 ft above the water.

A man, woman, and two boys desire to cross a river, but their boat has weight restrictions!

A square walled city of unknown dimensions has four gates, one at the center of each side.
If 80 dollars worth of provisions will serve 20 men for 25 days, what number of men will the same amount of provisions serve for 10 days?
Essays on various aspects of Greek science and mathematics, which help give a context for those aspects of Greek culture.
A lively description of ten of the greatest feuds in mathematics.
This textbook seamlessly combines the history of non-Euclidean geometry with the mathematical ideas.
A railway train strikes a snowdrift which creates a constant resistance. How long does it take the snow to stop the train?
This website offers a collection of biographies of mathematicians and a variety of resources on the development of various branches of mathematics. It is an extremely rich and extensive site.