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A collection of illustrations of Inca quipus, with references to their earliest descriptions.
A history of the development of Pascal's triangle in its various manifestations
Two men brought their fish through customs. Find how much the fish cost, and what is the customs fee.
The square root of half the number of bees in a swarm has flown out upon a jessamine bush; 8/9 of the swarm has remained behind.
The highest point of the Andes is about 4 miles above sea level.
This conference takes place in 2006 at Pennsylvania State University, Erie.
Suppose a man had put out one cent at compound interest in 1620, what would have been the amount in 1824, allowing it to double once in 12 years?

A study of the solution of quartic equations in Cardano's Ars Magna and in the work of Euler and Descartes.

The triangle ABC has a right angle at C. Show that 1/ED=1/AC+1/AB

A comparison of the Greek and Chinese approach to the idea of similarity.