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Three vertical posts along a straight canal, each rising to the same height above the surface of the water. By looking at the line of vision, determine, to the nearest mile, the radius of the earth.
Howard Eves' sixth edition is still worth considering for a textbook.
There were two men, of whom the first had 3 small loaves of bread and the other, 2.
Find two number with sum 20 and when squared their sum is 208.
A novel about Pythagoras and his followers
If an equilateral triangle whose area is equal to 10,000 square feet be surrounded by a walk of uniform width, and equal to the area of the inscribed circle, what is the width of the walk?
A biography of the 18th century author of an early calculus text, with some translations from the text.
The answer to the following question is obtained using as optimum strategy-the farmer is getting the "best deal" possible. Can you figure out the solution strategy?...
The beginnings of land measurement in the early United States and how this affected American democracy.