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A listing of the history sessions at the 2008 Joint Mathematics meetings in San Diego, January 4-9, 2008.
Images from a 16th century text about the astrolabe and its uses
Boyer's classic text, as revised by Uta Merzbach, is still worth having.
A new sourcebook containing the works in their original form along with a translation and a brief commentary.
Suppose General [George] Washington had 800 men and was supplied with provisions to last 2 months but he needed to feed his army for 7 months.
The cavity of our chimney is an upright parallelepiped, the diagonal of whose base is 60"; and the height of the lower side of the lintel above the plane of the floor is 40".
Now there are six-headed four legged animals and four-headed two-legged birds. Find the total number of animals and birds.
A ladder has 100 steps. On the first step sits 1 pigeon; on the second, 2; on the third, 3; and so on up to the hundredth. How many pigeons in all?
Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics
An oblong garden is a half yard longer than it is wide and consists entirely of a gravel walk...