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This resource consists of a series of 61 worksheets, each focused on a particular problem and related to a particular historical mathematical personality.
Three hundred pigs are to be prepared for a feast.
The story of the negative numbers
There is a log of precious wood 18 feet long whose bases are 5 feet and 2.5 feet in circumference. Into what lengths should the log be cut to trisect its volume?

The copybooks of two young men reveal very different purposes in learning geometry.

This collection of readings gives details on the history of mathematics education in the U.S. from 1828 to 1959.
An analysis of James Gregory's proof of the Pappus-Guldin theorem, along with the original documents both in Latin and English.
The history of the Poincare conjecture up to its recent proof by Grigori Perelman.
These posters illustrate aspects of the history of mathematics in countries from Babylonia to Ireland.
Some ideas on using student reports when you teach a course in the history of mathematics