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If an arc of 45 degrees on one circumference is equal to an arc of 60 degrees on another circle, what is the ratio of the areas of the circle?
Given four numbers whose sum is 9900; the second exceeds the first by 1/7 of the first...
A collection of short pieces detailing how Euler solved a particular mathematics problem.
A man entered an orchard through 7 gates, and there took a certain number of apples. When he left the orchard, he gave the first guard half the apples he had and 1 apple more.
Now a good horse and an inferior horse set out from Chang'an to Qi. Qi is 3000 li from Chang'an.
Tartaglia's method for solving cubics, which he eventually explained to Cardano.

Nine examples of using history in the mathematics classroom -- for those who read French!

A collection of original texts to help students learn some important areas of mathematics.
Now there are 100 deers [being distributed] in a city. If one household has one deer there is a remainder...Find the number of households in the city.
Four episodes in the history of geometry are discussed, where dynamic geometry helps in understanding the ideas.