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This resource consists of a series of 61 worksheets, each focused on a particular problem and related to a particular historical mathematical personality.
I wish to find three numbers of such nature that the first and the second with 1/2 of the third makes 20...
A description of a Research Experience for Undergraduates conducted in 2007 at Hood College.
This collection of readings gives details on the history of mathematics education in the U.S. from 1828 to 1959.
Aspects of classical Greek mathematics are compared with areas of Babylonian mathematics.
A bridge is built across a river in 6 months by 45 men. It is washed away by the current. Required the number of workmen sufficient to build another of twice as much worth in 4 months.
These posters illustrate aspects of the history of mathematics in countries from Babylonia to Ireland.
The story of Nicolaus Mercator, music, and logarithms.
A survey of techniques of minimizing and maximizing over the centuries.
A novel about Pythagoras and his followers