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Here is the title page of part I of the General Trattato di Numeri (General Treatise on Number and Measure) (1556) of Niccolo Tartaglia (1500-1557). This is an extensive work on elementary mathematics that was popular in Italy for several decades after its publication.
Fibonacci gave a practical rule for approximating the area of an equilateral triangle.
A section of a much larger website, dealing with some random topics in the history of mathematics.
Two men have a certain amount of money. The first says to the second, "If you give me 5 denari, I will have 7 times what you have left."
Thumbnail sketches of statisticians throughout history.
What proportions of sugar at 8 cents, 10 cents and 14 cents per pound, will compose a mixture worth 12 cents per pound?
A book delving into the working of the mathematical mind.
These are the winning entries from the annual History of Mathematics SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is presented in the version of Scottish mathematician James Gregory -- without the use of limits.
The annual meeting of the NCTM always contains sessions dealing with the history of mathematics and its use in teaching.