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Portraits of 92 living mathematicians, with autobiographical comments.
Now there are six-headed four legged animals and four-headed two-legged birds. Find the total number of animals and birds.
A square walled city measures 10 li on each side. At the center of each side is a gate. Two persons start walking from the center of the city.

Curve sketching, tangent lines, and optimization, explored via interactive applets

A ladder has 100 steps. On the first step sits 1 pigeon; on the second, 2; on the third, 3; and so on up to the hundredth. How many pigeons in all?
Given a right triangle where you know the length of the base and the sum of the perpendicular side and the hypotenuse.

A description of this well-regarded website.
A survey of concepts of infinite sets over the centuries.

The author constructs a possible mathematical path from the ancient Babylonians to Pythagoras, Euclid, and the ancient Greeks.

In a given square, inscribe 4 equal circles so that...