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A book delving into the working of the mathematical mind.
A speculator bought stock at 25% below par and sold it at 20% above par. He gained $1560. How much did he invest?
A new history of mathematics in ancient Mesopotamia, concentrating on its social aspects.
A lively history of number systems and number theory from earliest times up to the notion of "infinity".
The annual meeting of the NCTM always contains sessions dealing with the history of mathematics and its use in teaching.
A square walled city of unknown dimensions has four gates, one at the center of each side.
A man and his wife drink a barrel of wine at different rates. Find the rate it takes both of them together to drink the wine.
If 80 dollars worth of provisions will serve 20 men for 25 days, what number of men will the same amount of provisions serve for 10 days?

Here are all articles, classroom activities, and reviews arranged into annual volumes starting with 2004.

A collection of 24 mini-posters, each containing a quotation about mathematics.