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The dimensions of a rectangular box in inches are expressed by three consecutive numbers. The surface of the box is 292 square inches. Find the dimensions.

A survey of the famous Konigsberg Bridge Problem and its connection to graph theory, by an undergraduate student

This is the title page of the Siderius Nuncius (Starry Messenger) of Galileo (1564-1642), published in 1610. This book was a report on Galileo's first investigations with a telescope. Also includes Galileo's initial sketches of the surface of the moon.
Essays on various aspects of mathematical thought by prominent mathematicians of the past century.
A collection of biographies of sixty mathematicians from the eighteenth century to the twentieth.
A listing of the history sessions at the 2008 Joint Mathematics meetings in San Diego, January 4-9, 2008.
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The copybooks of two young men reveal very different purposes in learning geometry.

The annual meeting of the HPM Americas Section will take place Friday, April 28 at 5:30 pm. in the Landmark 5
room of the Renaissance Grand Hotel in St. Louis.
Boyer's classic text, as revised by Uta Merzbach, is still worth having.