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This is an invited working conference as part of the ICMI Study Series.

In this collection of essays on modern trends and issues in the history of mathematics, consideration of mathematics history in the classroom is often more theoretical than practical.

A translation from the original Greek of a manuscript on magic squares by the Byzantine scholar Manuel Moschopoulos, written about 1315
Given the fraction ax/ (a-x ), convert it into an infinite series.
A cat sitting on a wall 4 cubits high saw a rat prowling 8 cubits from the foot of the wall;
Find the area of the elliptical segment cut off parallel to the shorter axis;
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A cylindrical tin tomato can is to be made which shall have a given capacity. Find what should be the ratio of the height to the radius of the base that the smallest possible amount of tin shall be required.

An elementary introduction to Euler squares and how they can be used in teacher training

A study and English translation of Servois' attempt to place calculus on a foundation of algebraic analysis without recourse to infinitesimals, continuing the work of Lagrange.