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The first detailed biography of James Joseph Sylvester.
These posters illustrate aspects of the history of mathematics in countries from Babylonia to Ireland.
A study and English translation of Servois' attempt to place calculus on a foundation of algebraic analysis without recourse to infinitesimals, continuing the work of Lagrange.
A survey of early theories of planetary motion, with dynamic figures to help in understanding these motions.
Having been given the sum of two numbers,a, and the difference of their squares,b, find the numbers.
A circle is inscribed in an isosceles trapezoid. Find the relationship of the radius to the sides.
A history of the development of Pascal's triangle in its various manifestations
A study of Mullikan's Nautilus, using movies to illustrate the important ideas
The square root of half the number of bees in a swarm has flown out upon a jessamine bush; 8/9 of the swarm has remained behind.
Page 4: Images of Jose Barria, Paul Halmos, Robert Bartle, Marshall Stone, Hyman Bass, and Joseph Bastian from the Halmos snapshot collection