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Convergence Advisory Board 2004-2009

A history of attempts to solve cubic and higher degree polynomial equations, including the notions of group theory and their relationship to the idea of symmetry.
Cantor's work on Fourier series provides historical motivation for the study of point-set topology.
Four episodes in the history of geometry are discussed, where dynamic geometry helps in understanding the ideas.
A website with links to information about numerous topics in the history of mathematics.
This is a page from a manuscript of the Algebra (Maqalah fi al-jabra wa-al muqabalah) of Omar Khayyam (1048-1131). This work is known for its solution of the various cases of the cubic equation by finding the intersections of appropriately chosen conic sections.
A horse halving its speed every day runs 700 miles in 7 days.
Collection of historical articles that appeared in Consortium, the newsletter of COMAP.
Dynamic geometry software is used to demonstrate early Greek attempts at the trisection of an angle and the squaring of a circle.
Image of first arithmetic book published in the English colonies in what is now the Eastern United States