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Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer both offered approximate constructions of regular pentagons for the use of artists. This article explains these constructions.
Subtitled How an Ancient Brotherhood Cracked the Code of the Universe and Lit the Path from Antiquity to Outer Space, this is a book of entertaining stories more so than scholarly research.
Heron of Alexandria (ca 200) wrote on many aspects of applied mathematics.
Archimedes' use of the law of the lever to compute areas and volumes in The Method is discussed. Classroom ready examples are presented.
Determine the different values of x, when a certain function hits a minimum.
Whimsical posters of fifteen mathematicians with brief biographies.
There is much to see in this museum related to the history of mathematics.
The Euler Society was founded as the tercentennial of the birth of the prolific Swiss-born genius Leonhard Euler approaches. The 2006 meeting is the fifth annual meeting of the Society.
Guidelines for Submissions
A description of a long-running conference in which undergraduate mathematics students gather to share their research on the history of mathematics.