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How long does it take a single man to do work when...
This website is connected to the book, The Joy of Pi. It has numerous interesting facts about pi, with links to additional sites.
An oracle ordered a prince to build a sacred building, whose space would be 400 cubits, the length being 6 cubits more than the width, and the width 3 cubits more than the height. Find the dimensions of the building.
A CD with eleven modules, each containing numerous activities designed to help secondary teachers use the history of mathematics to teach mathematics.
A description of a Research Experience for Undergraduates conducted in 2007 at Hood College.
Four episodes in the history of geometry are discussed, where dynamic geometry helps in understanding the ideas.
A horse halving its speed every day runs 700 miles in 7 days.
Given the dimensions of an isosceles trapezoid find the length of the transversal drawn parallel to the bases that divides the trapezoid into 2 equal areas.
How high above the earth must a person be raised that he [or she] may see 1/3 of its surface?
A lively history of number systems and number theory from earliest times up to the notion of "infinity".