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An elementary introduction to Euler squares and how they can be used in teacher training

A general formed his men into a square, that is, an equal number in rank and file, and he found that he had an excess of 59 men.
The sum of two numbers is 10 and their product is 40. What are the numbers?
This website is connected to the book, The Joy of Pi. It has numerous interesting facts about pi, with links to additional sites.
A CD with eleven modules, each containing numerous activities designed to help secondary teachers use the history of mathematics to teach mathematics.

Review of Bertram's text on the history of Greek science.

A man bought a number of sheep for $225; 10 of them having died, he sold 4/5 of the remainder for the same cost and received $150 for them. How many did he buy?
Two pages from a 1650 manuscript of the Lilavati of Bhaskara II (1114-1185). The second photo is an illustration of the Pythagorean Theorem.
Two travelers, starting at the same time from the same point, travel in opposite directions round a circular railway.
There is a fish whose body weighs 8oz. Tell me how much the whole fish weighs?