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X, Y and Z hired a pasture for the season for $90.00. Each has a different number of mules and are on the pasture for a different number of days. How much is each to pay?
A gallery of episodes from the history of calculus.

Convergence Advisory Board 2004-2009

A study of the solution of quartic equations in Cardano's Ars Magna and in the work of Euler and Descartes.

Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics
A cultural history of the infinite, from ancient to modern times, in which the author clarifies the conceptual underpinnings of this vast topic.
An oblong garden is a half yard longer than it is wide and consists entirely of a gravel walk...
This website contains a complete version of Euclid's Elements, with all the proofs.
Collection of historical articles that appeared in Consortium, the newsletter of COMAP.
If two Post-boys, A and B at 59 miles distance from one another, set out in the morning in order to meet...