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An article about the Quantitative Environmental Learning Project (QELP), which has developed a web site featuring many data sets focused on environmental themes

An article about the process of producing a computer software system for mathematical research or instruction
An article describing the development of a database for online formative assessment to be used as independent or supplemental material for a precalculus course.
An article that shows how to implement the Lanchester Combat Model in an interactive Excel spreadsheet
A module to explore Consumer Price Index data by fitting an exponential curve to it in Excel

A module that uses Riemann sums and other numerical methods to investigate of the area of a complex region, specifically, a map of Virginia

A Developers' Area article on the use of Java Sketchpad to construct and publish interactive Web pages.

A summary of Volume 3

Announcing completion of the transition from the "old" site at Math Forum to the "new" site at MAA
A mathlet for exploring reflected and refracted images