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A welcome message from the Executive Director of MAA
This application allows randomized Venn Diagram review and self-testing implemented in Flash.
This is an article describing the author's experiences using the Duke Connected Curriculum materials
This straightforward Java applet parses statements from propositional logic and displays their truth tables in a format consistent with most discrete math texts.
This article explores the geometric interpretation of fractional integration with the aid of several animated images.
Two applets for giving students some hands-on practice with cycle notation and composition of permutations.
A Developers' Area article about developing reusable components in Java.
This utility uses the free Flash player plug-in resident in most browsers to allow the user to plot a parametrically defined surface on a customized scale and dynamically rotate the three-dimensional picture.
This Java applet plots up to 10 functions simultaneously with zoom and trace features. It can be used to study properties of functions or approximate solutions to equations. The syntax for entering the functions is given on the accompanying web page.

by Tamás Keleti and Elliot Paquette

Supplement to article in American Mathematical Monthly