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A mathlet for exploring reflected and refracted images

A tribute to one of our authors, who died suddenly and unexpectedly while his second JOMA contribution was in preparation.

A series of modules that require the use of polynomial and trigonometric functions to model the paths of straight-stretch roller coasters
An article on the use of dynamic tools in Excel to explore goodness of fit of linear models
An article about standalone tools for linear algebra developed in Java Sketchpad
An interactive and visually appealing mathlet for exploring convergence, divergence, and distribution of terms of sequences and series of constants.

An article about an interactive environment for viewing dynamically the geometry of elementary row operations.

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An interactive and visually engaging mathlet for exploring different types of convergence of sequences and series of functions.
n this note, we describe our policy on a number of basic issues related to writing style, reference style, and the format of JOMA articles.