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An article on the impact of technology in the teaching and learning of mathematics courses preceding calculus.

A module to introduce students visually (in two dimensions) to iterative methods for solving systems of linear equations
A suite of mathlets for interactive exploration of quadric surfaces

An article on the use of technology to stimulate mathematical thinking even by the least likely students

Third in a series of Developers' Area articles on constructing Java applets for use in mathematics courses, with emphasis on displaying intersecting surface graphs in three dimensions
A module intended to introduce the use of mathematical models in population dynamics from a biological perspective and to give substance to an elementary differential equations course
An extended module for students to explore the linear algebra concepts, especially the singular value decomposition, behind modern search engines

An article on Group Explorer, a system that uses graphical representations of groups to build intuition.

Parting shots from the outgoing editor.

I am very happy to be the new editor of JOMA, and I am looking forward to this exciting new opportunity.