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Editor's introduction to "continuous publication" mode for JOMA

This article describes methods for creating interactive math materials using the HTML5 canvaselement.

This small Web application creates high quality images of 3D surfaces defined by mathematical expressions. Images can be colored, resized and freely rotated in space.
An article about the process of producing a computer software system for mathematical research or instruction

This article analyzes the physical and mathematical properties of the mirascope and models the mirascope using dynamic learning technology

Update from the Editor and welcome to the "new" JOMA
This ESTEEM module in the Biometrics category creates graphical images of a certain type of fractals (Iterated Function Systems) that can be constructed by linear transformations.
An interactive and visually engaging mathlet for exploring different types of convergence of sequences and series of functions.
This mathlet demonstrates limits visually by showing values for f(x) as x approaches a given constant c.
This is a pair of (1D and 2D) SOCR Activities that demonstrate random sampling and fitting of mixtures of Gaussians to model complex data (e.g., multimodal).