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This is a review of the software program Live Math.
This article explores the geometric interpretation of fractional integration with the aid of several animated images.
A Bioquest ESTEEM module in the Genetics Category. The purpose of this workbook is to compare several methods for calculating allele frequencies for ABO blood groups.
A Developers' Area article about developing reusable components in Java.
Simple probability concepts such as sampling with or without replacement are illustrated in this engaging tiered activity for beginning students and future teachers of probability.
This Java applet plots up to 10 functions simultaneously with zoom and trace features. It can be used to study properties of functions or approximate solutions to equations. The syntax for entering the functions is given on the accompanying web page.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Phylogenetics Category. This worksheet performs split decomposition on a set of four DNA sequences and their associated amino acid sequences.
This module a standard model of population growth in a constrained environment.
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