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A mathlet to explore approximation of the definite integral by Riemann sums

This article describes methods for creating interactive math materials using the HTML5 canvaselement.

An article on the use of technology to stimulate mathematical thinking even by the least likely students

This Flash Forum article includes source code and modification instructions that will allow you to customize a basic one-variable function grapher.
This mathlet simulates a predator-prey system of foxes and rabbits over time.

This article analyzes the physical and mathematical properties of the mirascope and models the mirascope using dynamic learning technology

This ESTEEM module in the Biometrics category creates graphical images of a certain type of fractals (Iterated Function Systems) that can be constructed by linear transformations.
This is an article describing the author's experiences using the Duke Connected Curriculum materials

Marden's Theorem concerns the relative positions of the roots of a cubic polynomial and those of its derivative. This article gives a proof of Marden's theorem, along with dynamic geometry animations and some of the history of the result.

This is a pair of (1D and 2D) SOCR Activities that demonstrate random sampling and fitting of mixtures of Gaussians to model complex data (e.g., multimodal).