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This Biological ESTEEM module in the Evolution Category illustrates a number of ESS examples. Each example allows the user to manipulate the initial population for each strategy and the fitness payoffs and costs for each strategy.
A mathlet for exploring reflected and refracted images
This site uses LiveMath (link to the free plugin is included) to allow the user to explore mathematical questions about the equal-arm balance.
This article gives a brief account of the learning material to be found at the maths online website.
This article describes classes for 3D graphing revised for AS 3. Along with class files and documentation, we provide several templates to show how to use the classes for graphs of functions of two variables as well as parametrically defined surfaces.
An extended module for students to explore the linear algebra concepts, especially the singular value decomposition, behind modern search engines
This applet explores the relationship between the cross-sectional area of a gutter (bent from a fixed-width sheet of metal) and the height of the gutter. Supporting material is given for topics ranging from quadratic modeling to max/min problems.
Students plot points and match formulas to data to explore families of functions.
A mathlet to sketch a derivative function by hand or by recording slopes of tangent lines.
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