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An article describing the development of a database for online formative assessment to be used as independent or supplemental material for a precalculus course.
Graph functions, zoom on points, and find points of intersection of multiple graphs.
A mathlet for exploring solutions of the Transport Equation by the method of characteristics.
A description of the online publication, Loci.
n this note, we describe our policy on a number of basic issues related to writing style, reference style, and the format of JOMA articles.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Evolution Category. This Excel workbook simulates evolution of a single gene with three alleles.

This module uses a small sample of the applets in the Mathlets package together to explore exponential functions and their derivatives in depth.

This interactive Geogebra applet allows students to experiment with 2 by 2 matrices and the corresponding geometric transformations of the real plane. A list of student activities is provided.

A Biological ESTEEM module in the Phylogenetics Category. This worksheet simulates the molecular evolution of DNA sequences.
A Web page with photographs and text to illustrate the mathematical differences in architecture between Spain and Italy