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This applet supplements the authors' "Gutter Problem" material, but can be used to generally study properties and forms of quadratic functions, both analytically and graphically.

An article discussing the use of technology in abstract analysis, real analysis, and geometry.

The curve traced out on a baseball by its seam has many symmetries. This article explores the class of closed spherical curves with the same symmetries, which we call generalized baseball curves.

This article illustrates the use of calculus, differential equations, and statistics in the analysis of enzyme kinetics.
This utility uses the free Flash player plug-in resident in most browsers to allow the user to plot parametrically defined surfaces in cylindrical coordinates. Many examples and directed exercises are included.

One of the contributing editors introduces the Developers' Area.

In this article, a very simple model is used to describe and generate many types of seashell shapes.
This interactive, browser-based game provides students with a great activity for the "reform calculus" problem of finding "function-derivative pairs" based only on graphs. Several variations are available.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Ecology Category. This worksheet simulates the population growth of two interacting species.
This is a module for use in differential or integral calculus. It looks at a differential equation model for world population growth.