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Gauss-Kronrod Integration is an adaptation of Gaussian quadrature used on some graphing calculators. This Java applet outlines the mathematical computations involved and visually demonstrates the process the calculator uses to evaluate the integral.
Instructions for citing articles, modules, and mathlets in JOMA
Two applets for giving students some hands-on practice with cycle notation and composition of permutations.

This teaching module uses Maple Maplets to illustrate several different methods of estimating the area of the unit circle.

This utility uses the free Flash player plug-in resident in most browsers to allow the user to plot a parametrically defined surface on a customized scale and dynamically rotate the three-dimensional picture.
A module to explore the properties of exponential functions through models of growth and decay
A brief outline of policies for submission of articles to Loci.
This collection of resources is designed to supplement a modern algebra course. They are designed to help students visualize many of the important concepts from a first semester undergraduate abstract algebra course.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Developmental Biology Category. This Excel workbook illustrates a number of allometric equations in animal growth.
A Developers' Area article on reusability and its benefits, particularly with regard to Java applets.