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An article by the faculty advisor of the students who created the Math and Architecture Project, explaining how the project came about.

A description of the online publication, Loci.
In this article, we explain what we mean by an "interactive mathematics text"; we describe its goals, contents, and pedagogical methods; and we explain the thinking that went into in writing our text, Visual Linear Algebra.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Evolution Category. This Excel workbook simulates evolution of a single gene with three alleles.
A module for studying lines, circles, and triangles in the hyperbolic plane

This interactive Geogebra applet allows students to experiment with 2 by 2 matrices and the corresponding geometric transformations of the real plane. A list of student activities is provided.

This mathlet provides an innovative tool that allows the user to sketch a function with the mouse in order to examine some common issues and misconceptions about the average value of a function.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Phylogenetics Category. This worksheet simulates the molecular evolution of DNA sequences.
This is an article about the contents and use of the Duke Connected Curriculum Project interactive mathematics materials.

Table of Contents for Loci Volume 1, July 2008 through December 2009.