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This simple Javascript-enhanced web page leads students on an exploration of the "Josephus Problem," a classic problem of recreational mathematics involving the elimination of people arranged in a circle.
An interactive module to study numerical and graphical solutions of differential equations in first-semester calculus.
This Flash Forum tutorial not only discusses the programming involved in rendering simple polyhedra in Flash CS3, but it also gives an elementary discussion of the mathematics behind 3D rendering on a 2D computer screen.

A tribute to one of our authors, who died suddenly and unexpectedly while his second JOMA contribution was in preparation.

Students plot points and match formulas to data to explore families of functions.
An article in which the focus-locus, focus-directrix, and cone-slicing descriptions of ellipses are related by way of the space-time geometry of special relativity.
How to cite an article in Loci.

An article on Group Explorer, a system that uses graphical representations of groups to build intuition.

A Biological ESTEEM module in the Evolution Category. These two workbooks model the evolution of phage resistance in a bacterial population under two alternative hypotheses.
A mathlet to sketch a derivative function by hand or by recording slopes of tangent lines.