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Content classification for mathematics education

An article about an interactive environment for viewing dynamically the geometry of elementary row operations.

This application allows randomized Venn Diagram review and self-testing implemented in Flash.
This mathlet computes the center of mass (centroid) of a lamina of uniform density.
This straightforward Java applet parses statements from propositional logic and displays their truth tables in a format consistent with most discrete math texts.

Chemical Graph theory is used to model physical properties of molecules called alkanes. Java applets allow for interactive exploration of molecules. A student project and discussion of its application are included, along with spreadsheets of model data.

An article about using Excel to illustrate two concepts associated with attribute acceptance sampling plans: Calculating the probability of lot acceptance, and designing a plan that satisfies certain consumer's and producer's risks.
This applet uses the free Flash player plug-in resident in most browsers to allow the user to plot a parametrically defined curve on a customized scale and dynamically rotate the three-dimensional picture.

This teaching module explores the time and distance of a bouncing ball and leads to a study of the geometric series.

A brief outline of policies for submission of articles to Loci.