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This is an article about the contents and use of the Duke Connected Curriculum Project interactive mathematics materials.
This stand-alone Shockwave program simulates bombs falling on a city via two methods (rudimentary guidance system versus uniformly random), and students are asked to apply data analysis to determine which simulation method is which.
An article about the process of producing a computer software system for mathematical research or instruction
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Genetics Category. This workbook performs six-frame translation on a short user-input nucleotide sequence and highlights the position of stop codons.
Update from the Editor and welcome to the "new" JOMA

This article presents a fresh look at an age-old calculus optimization problem, the 'box problem.' (Also includes a Student Module condensed from the article.)

An interactive and visually engaging mathlet for exploring different types of convergence of sequences and series of functions.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Epidemiology Category. This worksheet implements an SIR (Susceptible/ Infected/ Resistant) model of epidemiology for vector-borne diseases.
This mathlet demonstrates limits visually by showing values for f(x) as x approaches a given constant c.