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This is a review of the software program Live Math.
This is the second in a series of Developers' Area articles on writing Java applets.
This is a Developers' Area article about the JOMA wiki and about creating and using wikis in general.
The Mathematical Association of America has found the new Editor to succeed David Smith as the Editor of JOMA.
A module for exploration of the mathematical properties of velocity in one dimension

A module for exploring the best linear fit to a set of two-dimensional data

A module to explore the properties of exponential functions through models of growth and decay
A module about motion in one, two, and three dimensions and the process of changing the point (and direction) of reference from which the motion is viewed

A module to study turns at high speed, where frictional effects are not sufficient to maintain circular motion

A module for studying lines, circles, and triangles in the hyperbolic plane