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Guidelines for Loci reviewers -- including evaluation criteria and summary results.

A tribute to one of our authors, who died suddenly and unexpectedly while his second JOMA contribution was in preparation.

This Flash Forum article includes source code and instructions for building a truth table applet and other applications requiring parsing and evaluation of logical expressions.
An article in which the focus-locus, focus-directrix, and cone-slicing descriptions of ellipses are related by way of the space-time geometry of special relativity.

An article on Group Explorer, a system that uses graphical representations of groups to build intuition.

This ESTEEM module in the Genetics Category consists of a Java applet for solving certain types of problems involving relationships between interacting data elements.
A mathlet to sketch a derivative function by hand or by recording slopes of tangent lines.
This simple Javascript-enhanced web page leads students on an exploration of the "Josephus Problem," a classic problem of recreational mathematics involving the elimination of people arranged in a circle.
The Flash Forum resource shows velocity and acceleration vectors for an arbitrary parametric curve in space, and provides built in examples. Flash source code is provided.
The Mathematical Association of America has found the new Editor to succeed David Smith as the Editor of JOMA.