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A mathlet for constructing graphs of functions of a complex variable, using color as the fourth dimension.
A mathlet for discovery of the integral and differential power rules prior to formal discussion of integral, power rule, or Fundamental Theorem in a calculus course.

A review of Tom Leathrum's "Mathlets: Java Applets for Math Explorations"

One of the contributing editors introduces the Developers' Area.

A Developers' Area article to assist college math instructors to write their own applets.

A Developers' Area article about reuse and interoperability of mathematical tools.
A Developers' Area article about developing reusable components in Java.

A Developers' Area article on the construction and collection of quality mathlets.

An introduction to Volume1, Issue 2
An article presenting a way that students of calculus and linear algebra can use both artistic and mathematical abilities to transform ordinary photographs into interesting pictures having mathematical content