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This article explores analogues of the Pythagorean Theorem in non-Euclidean geometries.

This is an article discussing the use of the program php to create web pages
This ESTEEM module in the Biometrics Category is a downloadable Windows program that allows the construction, analysis, and simulation of models in a simple spreadsheet format. The only programming required is the ability to construct formulas in Excel.

The Editor's update for Issue 3 of Volume 1

This activity illustrates the process of random number generation and simulation. It is part of the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR).
An interactive module to introduce parametric representations of curves and to stimulate student interest in mathematics.
A mathematical model for the number of subscribers to two competing cable TV companies is presented. An applet is included, allowing the user to experiment with the model.
An article about standalone tools for linear algebra developed in Java Sketchpad
This Flash Forum entry provides instructions and source code for a simple 3D plotter using PaperVision3D in Flex. The basis of the applet is ActionScript 3. The tutorial is composed of two videos and links to supporting files.

A Developers' Area article about a library of reusable applets for instructional materials in probability and statistics