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This is an article about the contents and use of the Duke Connected Curriculum Project interactive mathematics materials.
Trying to make Flash work
This utility uses the free Flash player plug-in resident in most browsers to allow the user to plot parametrically defined surfaces in spherical coordinates. Many examples and directed exercises are included.
An article about the process of producing a computer software system for mathematical research or instruction

A set of articles (and some tutorials) about various tools for developers, including GeoGebra, LiveGraphics3D, Java Sketchpad, PHP, and SVG.

Update from the Editor and welcome to the "new" JOMA
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Ecology Category. This workbook models the growth of two populations: phage and the bacteria they infect.
An interactive and visually engaging mathlet for exploring different types of convergence of sequences and series of functions.

This tutorial shows the details of composing the POV-Ray code necessary to generate the image of a dodecahedron, and to animate rotating the dodecahedron.

This mathlet demonstrates limits visually by showing values for f(x) as x approaches a given constant c.