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This Flash Forum tutorial not only discusses the programming involved in rendering simple polyhedra in Flash CS3, but it also gives an elementary discussion of the mathematics behind 3D rendering on a 2D computer screen.
A mathlet for constructing graphs of functions of a complex variable, using color as the fourth dimension.
Students plot points and match formulas to data to explore families of functions.
The "area function" is often discussed as part of an introduction to the definite integral. This applet provides an innovative approach to producing functions drawn with a mouse in the context of an exploration/demonstration of the area function.
A description of the online publication, Loci.
A module examining a model for the performance of world-class sprinters.
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Evolution Category. This Excel workbook simulates evolution of a single gene with three alleles.

This interactive Geogebra applet allows exploration of a linear transformation in terms of images of a set of points. The Geogebra interface allows dragging of points and vectors to make for versatile explorations of basic linear algebra ideas. Suggested activities are included.

An article that shows how to implement the Lanchester Combat Model in an interactive Excel spreadsheet
A Biological ESTEEM module in the Phylogenetics Category. This worksheet simulates the molecular evolution of DNA sequences.