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An article presenting a way that students of calculus and linear algebra can use both artistic and mathematical abilities to transform ordinary photographs into interesting pictures having mathematical content

An article about "lite applets," flexible and powerful tools that can be used as part of highly interactive curriculum modules that are scientifically and pedagogically sound.

This is an article discussing the use of the program php to create web pages
A Developers' Area article on reusability and its benefits, particularly with regard to Java applets.
An article that introduces a new type of Web document, the Mathwright Microworld, a "portal" to a multipage, interactive book.

Editor's introduction to "continuous publication" mode for JOMA

This is an article about the contents and use of the Duke Connected Curriculum Project interactive mathematics materials.
A report on the use of the Connected Curriculum Project materials in multivariable calcus and differential equations at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.
A module examining a model for the performance of world-class sprinters.
This module develop the SIR Model for the spread of an infectious disease, including the concepts of contact number and herd immunity.