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In this article we present a collaborative environment of open source tools around the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra that gives educators the freedom to create new and modify existing materials in an online community.

A Biological ESTEEM module from the Ecology Category. This Excel workbook uses the Leslie Matrix Model for population projection of age-class or stage-class structured populations.
A mathlet for constructing graphs of functions of a complex variable, using color as the fourth dimension.
Guidelines for Loci reviewers -- including evaluation criteria and summary results.
This applet performs traditional elementary row operations keeping track of the entire process. It also allows fraction, integer, or decimal entries and preserves these types throughout the row reduction process.
This Flash Forum article includes source code and instructions for building a truth table applet and other applications requiring parsing and evaluation of logical expressions.
A module examining a model for the performance of world-class sprinters.
This ESTEEM module in the Genetics Category consists of a Java applet for solving certain types of problems involving relationships between interacting data elements.
An article that shows how to implement the Lanchester Combat Model in an interactive Excel spreadsheet
This simple Javascript-enhanced web page leads students on an exploration of the "Josephus Problem," a classic problem of recreational mathematics involving the elimination of people arranged in a circle.