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Actionscript 3 Tutorials - Intermediate Techniques

Doug Ensley, Barbara Kaskosz

Each of the links below opens a new window in which you can download a complete tutorial guide (pdf) along with all supporting source code (zip) referenced by the guide. Clicking on the screen shot on the right opens the actual applet in a new window so you can explore its functionality.

A Simple Function Grapher   In four steps, we explain how to built a simple function grapher in AS3. The user can choose the x and y ranges as well as the function being graphed.
Creating a Histogram with Runtime Drawing   A step-by-step tutorial that reinforces the ideas of dynamic drawing and shows a method of parsing the user's comma-delimited input.  
Animation Using the "Enter Frame" Event  The tutorial explains in detail how to animate a bouncing ball programmatically.  
An Animated Family of Functions   We use the same technique as in the previous tutorial to animate a family of trigonometric functions.  
Drawing in a Window at Runtime  The user clicks on two points in a graphing board. The points and the line between them are dynamically drawn.
Flash Forum Custom Classes: Modifying Appearance  We show how to easily modify the appearance of a parametric grapher from our Flash Forum article "Flash Tools for Developers (AS3): Graphing Curves in the Plane".
Creating Textboxes at Runtime  A simple matrix multiplication applet. However, the user is allowed to choose the dimensions as well as the elements of matrices. Hence, all textboxes have to be created at runtime.