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PascGalois Abstract Algebra Classroom Resources

Mike Bardzell (Salisbury Univ.) and Jennifer Bergner (Salisbury Univ.) and Tyler Evans (Humboldt State Univ.) and Kathleen Shannon (Salisbury Univ.) and Don Spickler (Salisbury Univ.)

The PascGalois project at consists of applets, stand-alone Java programs, and supporting material for classroom teaching of Abtract Algebra and Number Theory as they occur in undergraduate mathematics courses, undergraduate research projects, and mathematics courses for future teachers. 

The table of contents below describes the Classroom Resources available on the site for a course in Abstract Algebra.  The first (linked) item in the table of contents provides a brief description of the project and representative material to be found on the PascGalois site.

A direct link to an "active version" of this table of contents (i.e., with links to the relevant html or pdf file) is given at the bottom of this page.

Core Labs

  • Introduction to the PascGalois JE Applets 
  • Pattern Recognition and Pascal's Triangle Modulo n
  • An Introduction to Isomorphism: Groups of Order 4
  • Subgroups and Generators of Zn
  • Isomorphism
  • Quotient Groups of Zn

Supplemental Labs

  • Building A Group with PascGalois Triangles
  • Pattern Recognition Using Dihedral Groups
  • Subgroups and Generators of Dn and Sn
  • Direct Products and Automorphisms
  • Quotient Groups of Dn and Sn
  • Subnormal Series
  • Self-Similarity and the Klein-4 Group
  • Rings and Fields
  • Discovering a Binomial Identity
  • Exploiting Symmetry in Pascal's Triangle Modulo a Prime

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