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Math Horizons - Volume 10



September 2003:

  5   Chance and Thunderstorms
       Paul J. Roebber 
  8   How to Ace Literature
       Katherine Socha and Michael Starbird  
10   Fibonacci's Triangle and Other Abominations
       Doug Ensley
15   A Dozen Questions About: Sums of Powers
       James Tanton 
21   A Switch in Time Pays Fine
       Mark Schilling 
23   A Constant Regularity Observ'd
      R. B. Campbell 
26   Mother Knows Best  
       Stephen R. Cavior
27   Slugbate Speaks  
       Colin Adams
30   Finding Your Misteaks 
      Ruth Vanderpool
32   Problem Section
       Andy Liu
35   The Final Exam
Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen Kennedy, Editors



November 2003:

5 Paintings, Tilings, and Proofs 
Roger Nelsen 
 9 Knots to You  
Michael McDaniel  
13  Math in the ICU  
Rhonda J. Hughes
16 Thou Shalt Not Divide By Zero! 
Eli Maor 
20  Circles: Around, About, Across, & Through  
Rheta N. Rubenstein and Randy K. Schwartz 
24 Area & Arc Length of Trochogonal Arches 
Tom M. Apostol and Mamikon Mnatsakanian 
32  Problem Section
Andy Liu
35  The Final Exam 
  Thomas Hull
Deanna Haunsperger and Stephen Kennedy, Editors








February 2004:

Top 5 Reasons to Like Mathematical Card Tricks
Colm Mulcahy 
8 A Conversation with Jason Latimer, Math Major & Magician 
Kenneth C. Millet
10 Some Magic Squares of Distinction
Paul C. Pasles
13 Unshuffling for the Imperfect Magician
Doug Ensley
17 A Book of Corollaries, Variation on a Theme
S. Brent Morris
22  Book Reviews
James Lawrence & Matthew Macauley
Students review Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling, and Dynamics Computer Memories and The Mathematics of Juggling.
24 REU Spotlight: Grand Valley State University
Edward Aboufadel & Steven Schlicker
26 Alumni Profiles: The United States Naval Academy
T. S. Michael
28 Math Fun Facts: Magical Miscellany
Francis Edward Su
30 Ink
Jessica L. Nelson
32 Problem Section
Andy Liu, Editor
35 Contest: Do You Tattoo?
Arthur T. Benjamin  and Jennifer J. Quinn, Editors


April 2004
  Mathematics in Science Fiction
Alex Kasman 
8 A Conversation with Rudy Rucker
Tatiana Shubin
10 A Visitor from the Fourth Dimension
Rudy Rucker
12 Futurama pk
Tom Georgoulias, Sarah J. Greenwald, & Marc Wichterich
16 Mathematical Movie Magic
Timothy P. Chartier & Dan B. Goldman
21  The Gostak & the Doshes
Rick Norwood
22 As Others See Us
Fernando Q. Gôuvea
24 Alumnae Profiles: Spelman College
Monica Stephens
26 REU Spotlight: Trinity University
Scott T. Chapman
28 Book Reviews
Elizabeth D. Russell, Rebecca Russ, & Emily King
32 Problem Section
Andy Liu
35 Analysis Word Search
Thomas Dence, Ken Gasser, Jenn Meyer, & Jenise Smalley
Arthur T. Benjamin  and Jennifer J. Quinn, Editors