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Math Horizons - Volume 2

September 1994


September 1994:
 5   Bubble, Bubble: A Profile of Jean Taylor
        and Her Work
    Robert Kanigel
12  Averages and Other Pleasing Things    
         Joel Chan
14  Army Beats Harvard in Football and
     David C. Arney
18  Delicious Dissections    Martin Gardner
20  US Math Team Wins It All!    
22  How to Really Get a Job    Anita Solow
26  Mathematician at Work    Elizabeth Sweet
28  Fermat Watch    Keith Devlin
29  Fermat Faces Reality    Kenneth M. Hoffman
30  Gopher It!    
32  Problem Section    George Berzsenyi, Editor

Donald J. Albers, Editor

November 1994


November 1994:
 6   Suddenly, Number Theory Makes Sense to
    Fred Guterl
10  Why History?    Underwood Dudley
12  The Day the Music Dies    Ann Watkins
14  Carving Mathematics    Don Albers
18  Word Ladders--Lewis Carroll's
    Martin Gardner
20  What Makes a Good Math Teacher?    
25  Famous Math Majors    
26  Calculus in Orbit    Dan Kalman
29  What to Ask About Grad School    
32  Problem Section    George Berzsenyi, Editor

Donald J. Albers, Editor
February 1995


February 1995:
 6   Three Guys and a Large Number    
         Joel Chan
 8   Patenting Mathematics    Joseph Malkevitch
11  Professor of Magic Mathematics    
         Don Albers
16  Playing the Negadecimal Game    
         Keith Devlin
18  So You Want To Work in Industry    
         Paul Davis
24  A Day in the Life of a New Math Teacher    Thomas Harms
25  Departments for Students    Sandy Keith
29  Mathematician at Work    S. Brent Morris
30  Weird Dice    Joseph Gallian
32  Problem Section    George Berzsenyi, Editor
Donald J. Albers, Editor


April 1995


April 1995:
 2   Turku and Fibonacci    
 5   Sines & Cosines of the Times    Victor J. Katz
 6   Math on the World Wide Web    
          Gene Klotz and Steve Weimar
 8   The Chinese Domino Problem    Don Knuth
10  Hitting the High Spots of Computer Theory    Gina Kolata
14  Test Tube Computing With DNA    
         Keith Devlin
22  Around the Solar System    Martin Gardner
24  Have You Read?    
26  Teamwork--The Special Challenge of Industry    
         Paul Davis
31  Problem Section    George Berzsenyi, Editor
34  Symmetric Chaos      
         Mike Field and Martin Golubitsky
Donald J. Albers, Editor